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APPS FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS, is an initiative of APPS FOR OFFICE. We create productivity tools to help you manage your projects and create project documentation faster and smarter; as well as systems in MS Word to help you create beautiful brand aligned proposals.

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About apps PBS: Project Budget Schedule


apps PBS

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Track your project in one place


Bundled product combination package. Includes:

  • apps PBS (Excel addin)
  • apps SmartDoc (Word addin)
  • apps Formatting (Word addin)
  • Sample templates for quotations, orders and schedules (Word & Excel)

You need this if you: are managing more than one client project at a time.


  • know at a glance if your project is in profit
  • Create documents fresh, after new changes in around a minute
  • Make changes on the fly in MS Word if needed
  • Fairly quick start
  • Includes Picture Management app



apps WorkSmart & Templates

Formatting solution for MS Word

Start a document, get to work

see APPS FOR OFFICE Products page

Bundled product combination package. Includes:

  • apps SmartDoc
  • apps Formatting
  • Sample templates

You need this if you: are a long document author who sets up and finalises documents; add appendices and chapters, add graphics and tables, and generally owns and manages the document; or just want an easy way to make formatting changes to your schedules and quotations.


apps SmartPic

use with apps PBS

Quick & Easy Picture naming

Coming Soon

When your pictures have a useful name, the pictures can be easily searched and used with apps PBS. For example, include the item number, brand and supplier code, short description, size, color and so on./p>

apps SmartPic comprises four primary apps:

  • 1. Move My Picture (move pictures to required folders)
  • 2. Name My Picture (give pictures a 10 part naming convention)
  • 3. Order My Picture (change picture order in explorer folder)
  • 4. Make My Document (create a document with pictures in folder)

apps SmartPic works with MS Word and MS PowerPoint. Pictures named using apps SmartPic with the 10 part name, are imported into the apps PBS project workbook.